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What is a Direct Aligner?

Direct Aligner is the new paradigm on orthodontic treatment beyond the conventional orthodontic method, including brackets. It fulfills the aesthetic desire of patients and shortens the treatment period by directly printing from 3D printers using patient's digitalized dental data. Direct Aligner is an innovative and human body friendly medical device which considers biomechanical movements with unique traits such as adjusting different thickness on each tooth which is impossible for current thermoforming methods.
Direct Aligner has Shape Memory function, which is the first to be patented in the world and has been acknowledged as a state-of-the-art orthodontic device by highly reputed orthodontists in the world.

Direct printing enables strategic thickness adjustment for corrective treatment. It can be made according to the treatment plan for each patient characteristic by partially adjusting the thickness.

Hygienic Management Through Heat Disinfection

Block-out can be minimized by wearing and removing the inside of the mouth, improving correction, and minimizing patient inconvenience. Direct Aligner can be put in hot water for heat disinfection, so you can keep it clean at all times. Also, it is a human-friendly material.

Tera Harz Cure

The Tera Harz Cure is a curing Machine with a Nitrogen Generator. It's the world's first UV curing device that realizes 100% polymerization conversion of Class II materials.

Nitrogen Curing

It is the realization of the best mechanical properties and optimal shade Improvement of surface quality of C&B and dentures through oxygen minimization. It has perfect matching of final metal crown by improving casting surface quality.