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The story

Digital solutions that make you smile.

Who We Are

Podtek works with open-minded dental industry professionals to help increase their workplace efficiency, optimize their results, and improve customer satisfaction. We do this by delivering comprehensive dental solutions derived from cutting-edge technology that min-maxes required manpower and quality, which will help usher in a new era of innovation that alleviates the common pain points that are found in the dental industry.


Introducing EDI Podtek, the official retailer of Shining 3D products in Canada. As a trusted partner, EDI Podtek brings cutting-edge 3D scanning and printing technology directly to Canadian businesses and enthusiasts. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, EDI Podtek ensures access to Shining 3D's top-of-the-line solutions, empowering customers across various industries to unlock new possibilities in design, manufacturing, healthcare, and education. Discover the future of 3D technology with EDI Podtek and Shining 3D, your premier destination for quality and reliability in Canada.

  • World-Renowned Partnerships

    We work with some of the most world-renowned Dental Technology brands such as Shining 3D, exocad, and Manix and offer an incredibly robust selection of dental solutions.

  • Putting You First

    Whether you're getting a perfectly made denture, or a simple Aoralscan using one of our high-tech IOS's, we put your satisfaction and safety above all else.